Open Source IRAP

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The Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP: Barnes-Holmes et al., 2010) was designed by Relational Frame Theory researchers to capture the relative strength of relational responding, but it has frequently been used as a measure of implicit attitudes more generally. See Vahey et al., 2015 for a meta analysis of clinically relevant IRAP studies.

Other implementations are available elsewhere, but all are closed source to the best of my knowledge. Also, the output from other implementations is poorly structured. So, I’ve created an implementation in PsychoPy. I’ve make the code free and open source under the GPLv3+ license so that others might use or improve it.

IRAP icon

Some potential advantages of the Open Source IRAP:

  • Free and open souce.
  • Runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Easy to translate all text presented in the task to other language merely by editing the excel files (UTF-8 support).
  • Highly flexible: a large number of task parameters can be changed via variables in the excel files.
  • Output is Tidy Data compliant (Wickam, 2014), making it extremely easy to process and analyse.
  • There is a bundled R script that will produce summary stats and D1 scores for you.
  • Good documentation of installation, usage, output, interpretation and fidelity.

You can download the latest release or check out the project page if you’d like to see the latest code or contribute to the project. It’s also listed as a public component on the Open Science Framework.